How to ideate outstanding functionality in a competitive market HOW TO IDEATE OUTSTANDING FUNCTIONALITY IN A COMPETITIVE MARKET

A QUICK GUIDE TO PRODUCT DESIGN FROM THE OPINOV8 DESIGN TEAM When it comes to generating a new project, service, product, or feature, you need to know that in today’s world, a good idea and execution aren’t enough. Your idea needs to rest on a solid foundation and is desirable for users, technically feasible, and […]

Products Built for Scale and Investment PRODUCTS BUILT FOR SCALE AND INVESTMENT

When you start conceptualizing your product, it is good to let the imagination run wild. Check what you should to add to your product roadmap

How to Raise a Jedi Mentorship in Project Management HOW TO RAISE A JEDI MENTORSHIP IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Check the skills you should concentrate on as a mentor while guiding your mentees in the Project Management industry using the Jedi concept from Star Wars.

Opinov8 Tips: Video calls hygiene. How to deal with sudden pets and family members? VIDEO CALLS HYGIENE. HOW TO DEAL WITH SUDDEN PETS AND FAMILY MEMBERS?

Remote work has become the new norm for all of us. Read Op8 Tips for making your virtual meetings more professional and create a professional personal brand

Opinov8 Tips: How to fall in love with books and not give up on reading? HOW TO FALL IN LOVE WITH BOOKS AND NOT GIVE UP ON READING?

We all know that reading is beneficial in both personal and professional lives. Check out Op8 Tips that will help you read more books and fit more reading into your schedule.

Opinov8 Tips: Why and how we use requirements testing as a process WHY AND HOW WE USE REQUIREMENTS TESTING AS A PROCESS

How to provide the best service using the requirements testing? A basic and mandatory process for all Opinov8 projects. Find out how you can achieve this in your QA team.

Opinov8 Tips: How to keep a healthy work environment in a remote team HOW TO KEEP A HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT IN A REMOTE TEAM

The most important element of employee engagement is a healthy company environment. Learn how ​exactly you can make it in your remote team

Opinov8 Tips: How to wake up earlier and make yoga a part of your routine HOW TO WAKE UP EARLIER AND MAKE YOGA A PART OF YOUR ROUTINE

When working remotely, we sit too much and move too little — to compensate for this, we need to find the best balance for body and mind. Yoga is a perfect exercise to achieve that.


It no longer matters how much you work rather than what results in your work contribute. A good work-life balance is a must, check which behaviors you should quit to be more efficient.

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