Quality & Risk Services

Increase your product or platform quality to mitigate risks and ensure your business is prepared for future challenges.


QA Assessment

First, we detect the customer's goals and main tasks. We can start the audit process, do all necessary validations, and offer a few variants and schemas to improve application quality.


Quality Assurance is a mandatory part of the whole cycle of implementation and delivery on our projects. So as part of our Delivery team, we are present at the Workshop sessions with customers. It allows us to prepare for new tasks, goals, and challenges from the first days of communication.


Test Strategy

Our team experts design thoughtful test strategies for your product. Test Strategy is a set of processes, ideas, best practices, and flows aimed at maximizing quality based on the customer goals and limitations (such as money and time).

Test Approach

Test approach defines all necessary information about the testing process, such as team composition, devices, test data, types of testing, roles, etc. This information allows us to work with you transparently and collaboratively. We sign the test approach document during the first few weeks of the project's start.

Build & Deploy

Processes Definition

Our team aims to create a detailed roadmap plan for a defined process, including an activities list, timelines, responsibilities, risks, and bottlenecks. Op8 QA engineers analyze the current processes, and compares it with the best-in-class practices. We investigate project documentation and communicate it with stakeholders to meet their expectations.

Automation Kit Setup

The automation kit is the template of the test automation framework (TAF), including complete automation tools and runers. QA team prepares a list of these kits for different domains and programming languages. Using these kits, we can save time and money for customers.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is an approach to verifying application functionality that uses special software tools to execute tests automatically and then compare actual test results with expected results. Automated testing improves product or platform quality and saves money by making the testing process more efficient compared to manual testing.

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing is the final stage of the product testing process after functional, integration, and system testing and before moving the software application to the production environment. It is a type of testing performed by the end-user or the client to verify the system. We perform UAT in a separate testing environment with a production-like data setup.


The staging environment allows us to perform necessary checks before updating the live product. We recommend using staging environments to improve the stability of new deployments. Every part of a staging environment should be close to a copy of the production environment to ensure the software works correctly.

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