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Solution Assessment

Opinov8s' Architecture team has tremendous experience understanding current systems and assessing the current state and can propose practical strategies for meeting new architectural drivers. The Architect's mission is to detect "sore" blocks or components, perform analysis and redesign and provide solution descriptions to the development team.

Solution Ideation

The fundamental principle in building a well-designed solution is an examination of the architecture's essential requirements, concerns, and constraints. We deliver multiple solutions with trade-off analysis. A combination of research, creativity and innovative ideas is integral to the successful solution for green-field and brown-field solutioning.

Solution Workshop

Our clients' businesses are often in the process of active digitalization. The solution workshop will help determine the genuine need for change during the discovery phase. Collaboration is key in ideation, with the client, the engagement lead, and business analysts.

Product Strategy

Once we jointly understand your product needs, it's crucial to prepare a detailed vision of the product with market positioning and ultimate product goals. We achieve this by employing complex market and competitor research. Implementation of this stage will allow us to proceed with the next one - developing the product roadmap.


Solution Architecture

The mission of the Opinov8 team is to elicit architectural drivers from requirements and prepare pragmatic designs to build software that reaches business goals. Correct understanding of required quality attributes (performance, reliability, and scalability) during Solution Ideation allows us to build products and platforms that satisfy customer needs.

MVP Design

We analyze the dependencies for further development phases to mitigate risks and make sure everything is accounted for. Business analysts work with the proposed solution architecture, expected delivery timelines, and costs.

Product Launch Roadmapping

The BA formulates the core needs of the product and resolves any ambiguities to create a roadmap for the development team. Opinov8s’ Business Analysts work with strategic, functional, release roadmaps, and create a unified strategy for our clients.

Timeline and Budget Planning

For successful project delivery, keeping the team’s performance on track and aligned with the budget is necessary. Our extensive experience in project governance enables us to prepare an accurate timeline and schedule for your project, even with high uncertainty.

Build &

Custom Development

Our technical leadership team performs monitoring of best practice implementation with the ability to use various technical stacks. In combination, our Project Management team observes key business metrics like price, timeline, and milestones using our governance stack and methodology.


Opinov8s’ Quality Assurance Practice has strong testing processes and flows to ensure we deliver the best product version. We consistently update our best practices and tools, and enhance our QA process, combining various types of testing such as manual and automation.

Project Management

Our Project Management Office is recognized as one of the best PMOs by PMI UA AWARDS.

Successful implementation of the industry’s best practices and continuous improvement of our processes and governance stack, enable us to meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Each project regularly goes through monitoring with our DeliveryOps processes to meet Opinov8’s standards.

Development POC

The best way to validate a business idea without risking too much is to create a proof of concept. PoC lays the foundation for further engineering and exposes unexpected issues in advance. As a result of accomplishing the PoC, you will be able to proceed with engineering and product implementation with high confidence.

Release & Deploy

Opinov8 Delivery team relies on the Continuous Integration (CI) process to create reliable release artifacts. We apply effective strategies to reduce overburdening and to keep automated builds fast. Our experts leverage rolling deployments as a standard to maximize availability and build automated delivery pipelines.


Product Evolution

The products and platforms are constantly evolving. Opinov8 professionals work with your product to ensure you stay on top of the innovation cycle. To achieve this, business analysts, in collaboration with the product marketing team, perform market and competitor analyses to detect growth opportunities.

Continous Improvement

Clients’ data helps us collect insights and convert them into new solutions making products better for end-users and more market relatable. We explore the client’s domain specifics and continuously measure the effectiveness of changes to ensure we are on the right track.

Solution Monitoring

Opinov8 Architecture team is working in close collaboration with Delivery to ensure flawless execution. We consistently employ code and architectural review processes while working with crucial system parts. During the review process, our engineers can detect and prevent potential delivery issues from technical and business points of view.

User Activity Analysis

User activity analysis enables interface trends. It includes the product’s discovery, key business goals study, and analytic toolset definition. Based on the collected data, we suggest improvements with further post-screening to understand the results achieved. Such analysis aims to improve the product’s retention, churn, and conversion.

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