Cloud Migration: Renault Success Story


About the Customer

Having an exceptional approach to facing the technological challenges of the present, Renault gained the lead by selling 3.8 million vehicles in 2019. Standing shoulder to shoulder with breakthrough solutions, these guys revolutionize the understanding of the future and keep working on the predetermined strategic areas of innovation to let humanity be those very same contributors to making the world a better place to live in.


Better and faster performance and data protection is a must for an enterprise. Groupe Renault faced the necessity of moving the ERP solution from on-premises to AWS Cloud and considered Opinov8 a helping hand in its successful implementation.
  • Cloud migration involved migrating all or part of an organization's data from on-premises data centers to a public or private cloud.
  • Accessible to authorized users on-demand over the Internet.


Opinov8 collaborated with Groupe Renault to derive the best result from data migration. Together, they outlined a strategy to have the following objectives delivered:
  • Reduce CAPEX for on-premises data centers
  • Enhance daily SLA 99.65% for infrastructure
  • Automate software features delivery to reduce time to market for new features
  • Enhance features delivery process to reduce bugs in production
  • Provide the ability for easy and fast debugging for developers


AWS Cloud

Opinov8 used AWS Cloud Well-Architected Framework to build a high-performing, resilient, and efficient platform for ERP hosting. With this framework, it’s possible to seamlessly evaluate your cloud-based architectures, optimize business value out of your design decisions, and compare your workload against AWS best practices.

Jenkins servers

Opinov8 considered using Jenkins servers with fully automated declarative pipelines. This kind of pipeline workflow is specifically designed to simplify and accelerate the data development lifecycle and maintain the code by providing a better syntax construction. So now all aspects of pipeline execution are easily controlled and presented in a straightforward way across the data lifecycle.

Graylog and Grafana

Opinov8 proposed Graylog and Grafana as a centralized monitoring, logging, and alerting system. Having complex system infrastructure Graylog as a powerful log management solution provides single data storage for application logs and demonstrates the data in the form of pie diagrams and different graphics. Grafana enables users to seamlessly create and edit dashboards for different data types.

Hashicorp Terraform

To enable provisioning and managing the infrastructure lifecycle, Opinov8 implemented the idea of using Hashicorp Terraform as an open-source infrastructure as a code software tool. This ensures effective developer workflows by providing an option of infrastructure self-servicing which, in turn, boosts the delivery speed.


Scalability, security, and cost-effective solutions rule the world of IT. So, moving ERP centralized system from on-premises to AWS Cloud Opinov8 has built the self-healing, easy-to-scale infrastructure that Renault needed for growing their business. The decision of data migration substantively helped Renault to save up to 15-25% of their costs and brought business productivity improvements, and operational resilience.
Gaining the flexibility of hybrid cloud architecture, Opinov8’s clients could expect to have their data protected wherever it resides.
1C Enterprise ERP
Infrastructure as code

Technology Stack

Our expert team is working with different technologies from .Net to NodeJS. We are using innovative and industry-proven stack to achieve your business goals.

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