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Technology turns innovation into business outcomes that can disrupt entire industries. The ability to integrate a variety of technologies throughout an organization is the key to using that technology effectively. 

Digital transformation is data-driven, which means businesses must be able to take stock of their data even if it dispersed throughout various divisions and disparate systems. The next step is effective analysis of that data, with the ultimate goal of applying machine-learning algorithms that provide systems with a degree of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Opinov8 can help companies understand how the growing Internet of Things (IoT) fits into their future. The ability to connect any object to the Internet promises to produce information that can create new experiences and improve the way we live and work. The vast implications of billions of interconnected devices are driving a major technology disruption today.

Opinov8 knows that strong backend systems are the key to getting the most value out of an IoT strategy. That’s why our technology offerings include a cloud computing service model that we call our Backend as a Service (BaaS) Framework. BaaS provides developers with ways to connect their Web and mobile applications to cloud services via application programming interfaces (API) and software developers' kits (SDK).

Opinov8 is a Technology Innovation Partner with experience helping clients of various sizes across a broad spectrum of industries. We understand the intersection between the business systems and the new world of micro-services and cloud environments.

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