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Code Review & Optimization

Reviewing code for stability, performance, scalability, and maintainability issues, aiming to resolve technical issues and optimize code for a stable, efficient software system using code analysis.
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Why code review is important?​

Vital for businesses, code review tools ensure the reliability, performance, and scalability of their software, ultimately contributing to a more stable, efficient, and competitive technological foundation.


Surveyed companies believe code reviews to be the best way to improve the code quality of a project.
Source: Codegrip


Surveyed companies have a defined code review process in place.
Source: Codegrip


Surveyed companies reported lack of manpower to be the number one obstruction in implementing code review in companies
Source: Codegrip


More code is now managed than 10 years ago, eliciting 100 to 150 errors for every thousand lines of code written.​
Source: Codegrip
Experience a comprehensive evaluation for potential security gaps, rigorous code analysis, and an in-depth assessment of your code.
By leveraging our services, you benefit from thorough examination with code checker and Python code analysis tools and others, ensuring the identification and resolution of security vulnerabilities. Moreover, we optimize your code for maximum efficiency and reliability across various technologies including .NET, JavaScript, JAVA, PHP, etc. Elevate your project to new heights with our tailored solutions, establishing a resilient and well-architected foundation that sets the stage for success.

Business Outcome

Report with issues and recommendations

Success Story

Opinov8 spearheaded Code Review & Optimization for a client revolutionizing healthcare services for the hearing impaired. We rebuilt their legacy solution into a cloud-native, microservices-based system to meet NHS requirements and scalability needs.
Our strategic approach included Discovery, Planning, and iterative development, resulting in a revamped ERP system with updated architecture and innovative technologies, ensuring NHS compliance and an enhanced user experience.

Opinov8 Package ​​


Up to 100k lines of code, up to 5 components.
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Up to 300k lines of code, 5-10 components.


Custom Pricing
500k+ lines of code, multiple components, APIs.
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Optimize your code and enhance your software performance!

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