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Your go-to for optimizing the software release management process. Our expertise lies in DevOps and Agile software release management, ensuring seamless transitions and efficient change management practices.
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Why release management is important?​

Effective release management processes are the backbone of successful software deployments. This ensures smooth transitions and minimized disruptions, ultimately leading to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.


Less profit if a product has a delay of six months in time-to-market.
Source: McKinsey


Respondents felt their company was successful at developing and deploying software quickly.
Source: McKinsey


This is the percentage of change failure rate experienced by top DevOps performers, according to Google's DORA study. In addition, they restore service within a day after an incident and deploy changes to their code multiple times a day instead of once every several days, weeks, or months.
Source: McKinsey

Opinov8 Solution​

The Release Management Review service is tailored to streamline and enhance the software release lifecycle. By conducting a comprehensive review, it identifies and addresses inefficiencies in the release management workflow, focusing on optimizing the process for faster and more reliable releases.
Through careful analysis of processes and tools, the goal is to implement improvements that enhance efficiency, reduce bottlenecks, and ensure a smoother change management. Release management process lead to streamlined workflows, enabling organizations to deliver software more rapidly and with increased reliability.
The outcome is a more streamlined release management process, enabling organizations to deliver software more rapidly and with increased reliability.

Business Outcome

Current status of release management with areas for the improvement
Improvement suggestions for process, pipelines and tools used

Opinov8 Package ​​


Simple Web Apps with basic process.
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up to 5 apps
2 weeks


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Complex CI/CD process, multi-stage builds, Kubernetes Pipelines, mobile apps CI/CD.
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up to 10 apps
3-4 weeks


Custom Pricing
Multiple CI/CD solutions.

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Depends on scope

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