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Cloud Migration Assessment​

Experts in Azure, GCP, and AWS migration, we streamline your cloud transition by pinpointing ready Infrastructure elements and preparing others for smooth migration.
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Why cloud migration assesment is important?​

It evaluates infrastructure readiness, ensuring a smooth, cost-efficient transition to cloud, while mitigating risks and aiding informed decisions.


Global tech and business leaders plan to increase their investment in Cloud-Based services due to the current economic climate.
Source: GCP


Technical and business professionals are using automated policies to shut down workloads after hours and to rightsize underutilized instances.
Source: GCP

50% +

Business initiatives, highlighting the importance of application migration consulting.
Source: GCP


A trend aligning with the growing demand for expertise in GCP, AWS, and Azure migration consulting.
Source: GCP

Opinov8 Solution​

Unsure about how to begin your cloud journey? Our Cloud Migration Assessment is designed to help. It identifies the parts of your infrastructure that are ready for cloud migration and highlights areas needing more preparation, making the process clear and tailored to your specific needs.
Risk Management: Identifying potential risks and challenges early in the Migration process, such as data security concerns, compliance requirements, and technical compatibility issues – all essential parts of effective migration consulting.
Cost Estimation and Optimization: Providing an estimated cost of Cloud adoption and suggesting ways to optimize expenses, helping customers in budget planning, especially when moving from on-premise to Cloud.

Business Outcome

Cloud migration roadmap with pricing for infrastructure.

Success Story

Renault Ukraine
Scalability, security, and cost-effective solutions rule the world of IT. So, moving ERP centralized system from on-premises to AWS Cloud Opinov8 has built the self-healing, easy-to-scale infrastructure that Renault needed for growing their business. The decision to migrate data substantively helped Renault to save up to 15-25% of their costs and brought business productivity improvements and operational resilience.​
Gaining the flexibility of hybrid cloud architecture, Opinov8’s clients could expect to have their data protected wherever it resides.

Opinov8 Package ​​


Basic "Lift and Shift" migration for small businesses.
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up to 5 apps
1-2 weeks


Custom Pricing
Enhanced migration with optimizations for medium-sized businesses.
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up to 10 apps
3-4 weeks


Custom Pricing
Comprehensive cloud transformation for large enterprises with complex IT environments.
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Depends on scope

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