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Cloud Configuration review

Our service provides expert cloud configuration assessment, tailored to AWS, Azure and GCP. Benefit from cloud infrastructure managed services receiving cloud infrastructure optimization suggestions to optimize cost, boost performance and security.
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Why is it important?​

Cloud Configuration Assessment optimizes your cloud operations, ensuring peak performance, security, and cost-efficiency. Maximize cloud investment with expert assessment and management tools for AWS, Azure, and GCP configurations.


Organizations struggle to tie cloud skills to organizational outcomes.
Source: Cloudzero


Organizations operate in multicloud environment.
Source: Cloudzero


Organizations are already using cloud technology.
Source: Cloudzero


Companies adopt latest cloud services as soon as they are available.
Source: Cloudzero

Opinov8 Solution​

The Cloud Configuration Review service is tailored to evaluate the existing cloud infrastructure, offering insights and recommendations to optimize operations.
Focused on enhancing resource utilization, cost-effectiveness, compliance, and strategic decision-making, the service provides a comprehensive assessment of the cloud setup. By identifying areas for improvement, it guides organizations toward more efficient, cost-effective, and secure cloud environments.
The goal is to streamline cloud operations, ultimately leading to improved performance and better alignment with organizational objectives.​

Business Outcome

Infrastructure optimization suggestions
Cost optimization suggestions
Security optimization suggestions
Identification of risks

Success Story

Instamotion & HasteePay
By implementing AWS configuration review and cloud configuration management tools, we've achieved a high level of total cost observability.
This enables us to reduce total costs of AWS environments by 30-45% through savings plans and rightsizing, including moving development and and batch workloads to Spot Instances.

Opinov8 Package ​​


Small businesses or startups with minimal cloud configurations.
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up to 5 instances or services
3-5 days


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Medium-sized businesses with growing cloud infrastructure.
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up to 10 instances or services
7-10 days


Custom Pricing
Large enterprises with complex and diverse cloud environments.
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Depends on scope

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