Software development for HR benchmarking and analytics platform.


Software development for HR benchmarking and analytics platform.
What rewards do your workers deserve? What’s the golden mean between good engagement and good payment? And how are business owners supposed to know whether that high engagement IS actually high engagement? HR Data Hub is in the market to become the bridge between you and your employees. It’s an innovative platform that simplifies the way companies access, submit, evaluate and share benchmark data of their employees. 

It enables businesses to find,  analyze, and compare their workers’ data in the specific marketplace which, in turn, helps HR departments make objective in-company decisions. This revolutionary platform covers all meaningful layers of HR, so now it’s possible to dive deeper into the core analytics of employee lifecycle management and make data-driven business decisions and engage in the development of your employees.

Understanding not just your employees’ needs but also the market requirements leads to objective and impartial decisions.
We live at the time of constant technological change and innovations where every single step matters. Consumers have many options, if they don’t like your product, they can easily find another option. We are all too busy to search, analyze, submit, fill in, compare, so simplification of manual tasks is like a breath of fresh air in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.There are a few companies in the UK that provide their users with HR data but there are three main negative points about them: restricted number of HR topics, users have a limited possibility for requesting the data and they are expensive. To fulfill today's market requirements and consumer expectations, companies should maximize the result by minimizing consumers’ efforts and expenses. That’s exactly what HR DataHub was aiming for.Previously they had been working this way: Clients provided them with statistics, HR DataHub manually analyzed and compared all the data and then provided clients with the results in Excel documents. In such a highly competitive market it was of vital importance that HR DataHub considered the creation of the unique platform with the automated analysis and boosted the accuracy of results so that way different companies could seamlessly access credible data.The client started that movement to simplify the way companies compare data for making objective decisions. However, brilliant ideas require relevant tools and automating the process of analysis and presenting that in the form of instant and accurate metrics seemed challenging for them, so Opinov8 was chosen to program the overall software with transparently calculated steps on defining best solutions.



HR DataHub defined that platform modernization and automatization would bring a vast improvement to the users’ experience and gain an increasingly strong foothold on the market. Having all important statistics HR DataHub started a collaboration with Opinov8 to visualize all that data and advance the process of analysis, submission, estimation, and search by creating a unique platform where companies of any size can get credible data on all HR branches at a reasonable price. Having several analytical platforms tested, Opinov8 came to the conclusion that they didn’t provide the necessary customization level thus there was a decision to create an application from scratch using a microservice architecture and the latest technology stack which would increase the speed of development and acquire a wide discretion with no constraints or limitations.
Understanding the importance of creating an interactive and user-friendly interface, Opinov8 suggested using React.js. This JavaScript library leveraged SEO friendliness, web-page load speed, and code reusability which in turn made it possible for developers to implement modifications to functionalities. Opinov8 thoroughly understood that creating a high-end and feature-rich platform would require a framework that serves that purpose. So, using the .Net framework for building system procedures and Scala to execute aggregations and distributed calculations (around 140 different formulas for the metrics and system tools) enabled Opinov8 to build agile, high-performing, and extensive cloud application on Azure Microsoft. 
Opinov8 had also involved its design department to work on creating a totally new UX/UI design to enhance user satisfaction and make it distinctive in a highly-competitive market. Opinov8 also tried to estimate the challenge from the practical perspective and suggested such a practical option as users’ possibility to download reports (aggregated figures) into PDF. The technologies that were used in the development cycle helped in building a highly secure platform, so users can be confident that their data is safely protected.


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Working collaboratively with HR DataHub, Opinov8 managed to revolutionize the way companies of any size access and correlate the data for benchmarking and thus draw an inference of what steps should be taken for meeting employees’ needs and strengthening company’s position on the market. 

 Being up and running HR DataHub platform works as a highly scalable and easy to maintain platform with built dashboards and system tools guaranteeing better user experience and higher app performance.

Having a strong foundation in the development cycle large volumes of data is easily interrogated online and received metrics can be downloaded into MS applications. Due to the rapid growth of market requirements companies experience constant changes in their departments, so HR Dada Hub provides users with the opportunity of requesting additional data by launching monthly website surveys.  

Business leaders and HR professionals are able to use this data to analyze their workers’ lifecycle in depth which in its turn will help in building powerful HR strategies. There are already 100 companies representing over 400,000 employees making it right by prioritizing worker’s needs and thus getting accurate benchmark data in the form of structured, practical, and easy-to-understand metrics.
C# .NET Core 2 / React JS with
SCALA / Play framework
Microsoft Azure


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