Building financial wellbeing platform

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Building financial wellbeing platform
Hastee is an award-winning salary advance service that promotes employees’ financial well-being by enabling them to receive their salary before the payment day. With zero cost for a company cash-flow, this kind of employee benefit is very popular in the UK. 

What’s more this application is the best technology solution for the companies that want to improve and strengthen their engagement on the market, boost productivity and meet employees’ expectations. Such workplace perks can also greatly attract new professionals and will motivate them to bring a meaningful change to the company performance.
Let’s face it, a lot of us are among those people who sometimes can barely make it out to the payday. According to Barclays study, only 16% of employees are satisfied with their financial situation. Our world is growing in terms of literally everything so do our needs. Are there many people who can perfectly calculate their total expenses? No, there aren’t.

We are humans, not robots. And we do know what financial stress means. Unfortunately. It's not important what country you live in, you still need to have enough money to cover your living expenses and look ahead with confidence. But how about those other unplanned things we need money for? It’s life, you never know.

That’s something that Hastee deeply understood and estimated - the importance of the financial wellbeing of employees. “We hadn’t built anything and needed to start from stage one, which was gaining an understanding of why we were creating the software,” says Simon Draper, a co-founder, and COO of Hastee. Monthly payroll works well for an employer but it’s not always that amount of time that a worker can wait for. What if it’s only the middle of a month and the person needs money now? And there are two more weeks to wait.

According to a new study, 78% of people have a very standard scenario: payday loans with high commissions, debts, unplanned overdrafts which is the direct path to financial insecurity. 48% of workers feel very uncomfortable to ask for advanced payment to make their ends meet. That’s the estimation Hastee had got and serious steps needed to be taken because that kind of financial instability also had a great impact on employees’ workplace productivity.



Hastee determined that creating the platform that would provide flexible access to the salaries that people have already earned can make a big difference for companies and their employees. The idea of the application was to enable employees to receive their salary immediately by not putting company business at risk. This kind of solution would obviously become an advantage for employers by increasing workers’ motivation, productivity, and so influencing workforce retention. In the long run, two sides have the game in hands.
After careful consideration, Hastee found Opinov8 to have the best application development and its support. First and foremost Opiov8 started to work on  the wireframes design and created 2,500 user stories and did the release every two weeks through an Agile process. In order to boost the scalability and speed ability, Opinov8 used microservices architecture. The original minimum viable product was delivered in a short period of time in order to satisfy first customers and get their feedback.
“The mobile apps were native iOS and Android. They used .NET for the backend of the platform and did the design collaboratively with us,” says Simon Draper. There was also a decision to host the app on AWS to ensure scalable and seamless infrastructure platform in the cloud.  Opinov8 team exerted every effort on making the application and its navigation easy-to-use and transparent for different users. As soon as the product was released on the market Opinov8 continued working on new features, optimization of existing functionality, platform scalability, security and reporting. By a collaborative work with Hastee, Opinov8 managed to implement all ideas with its innovative technical approach.


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Supporting Hastee's contemporary idea, Opivov8 launched the platform that brought a meaningful change to the way people are paid by empowering them to have access to their salary anytime and anywhere. Hastee had its first sign-up on the same day after being released. Now it has become an award-winning smartphone app which users range work in  largest UK enterprises. 

Judging from the conducted surveys app users experience better engagement and productivity at work. In a couple of months the first version of real time reporting in Tableau has been released. Considering data safety as the priority antifraud rules were implemented in order to keep money safe for all Hastee users. For now Opinov8 supports almost everything that the market can request even if it’s about some exclusive payrolls which configuration is fully customized. The idea with a capped fee model was implemented and released in order to provide users with regular discounts. Now Hastee cashout amounts are improving from month to month, which makes Opinov8, Hastee teams and all UK users awesomely happy. 

Thanks to close collaboration Opinov8 managed to meet clients’ expectations and implemented all the required features in one application. It’s officially over with overdrafts, financial insecurity, fixed payment at the end of a month and loans. Opinov8 and Hastee have developed a ton of features for the web portal and now the application successfully proves its advantages on the market.
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