Software development for a global logistic company


Software development for a global logistic company
Putting all uncertainty aside by providing relevant accessible data right now? Imagine a global freight platform that offers door-to-door delivery of clients’ goods with real-time tracking for a reasonable price. It’s now a reality with Beacon web service that has partnerships only with trusted carriers to ensure that customers' goods are in safe hands. 

Beacon also offers trade finance loans with flexible rates, thus solves importers problems with cash flow, providing a right now service, disrupting an enormous marketplace. Using Beacon means being in total control of the whole logistics process with the support team ready to have your back 24/7.

Beacon founders and C-level executives derived best practices out of their extensive experience and expertise to surprise the fastidious market with their ground-breaking freight-forwarding platform.
Logistics is not just about transporting goods from point A and delivering them to point B, this industry stands for a broad-spectrum flow management approach like warehousing, controlling procedures for the safe transportation, customs, financing, covering insurance side, etc.Experiencing ups and downs, importing/exporting companies easily defined the key drivers of their loyalty while cooperating with a logistics company and it’s transparency, reliability, and mobility.Yes, the market is diverse. The more “wants” there are, the more “here you go” there will be. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any gaps that need to be filled. The gaps, that Uber and Amazon founders were considering to fill with a practical vision and realization to raise new standards of efficiency by simplifying the way companies import and export goods globally.Nurturing the idea of creating an all-in-one freight-forwarding platform Beacon chose Opinov8 as a technology partner to bring that very same idea to reality. The objective to build a highly functional platform from scratch using the latest technologies, implement best practices, and innovative solutions marked the beginning of a productive cooperation between Beacon and Opinov8.



Being driven by the business outcome, Opinov8 started with a PoC approach to make sure that the presented concept has the potential and feasibility for a real-world financially viable platform. At that stage distinct processes with different objectives and participants’ roles were analyzed and defined.
A big bunch of work has been done from the business analytics perspective to make sure that all features and the overall platform functionality present uniqueness and, more importantly, usability. Building the flexible platform meant meeting users’ expectations and requirements, so they could seamlessly check all available transportation options with automatic price calculation for the delivery before the shipment booking, track the location of their goods in real-time, download invoices, and manage all the required documents. 
But there weren't just users but also platform admins who needed to have their own portal for managing all milestones for each order, uploading invoices and requests from company owners (users), managing invoices and tracking invoice statuses. Having the front and back office of the platform built, Beacon involved its first users to test it and provide Opinov8 with remarks, which was a big step forward in making it 100% user friendly. 


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Productive cooperation, agility, knowledge sharing, and professionalism resulted in a successful product release. Supporting the mobile-first approach, all the steps or requests can be easily covered on any device, plus it greatly increases product discoverability and conversion rates.
Apart from the above-mentioned features, users are provided with:
  • several types of delivery options  to choose from - the fastest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly;
  • seamless and time-saving flow of shipment booking;
  • filtration option with different required criteria;
  • option of choosing point A and point B with the calculated time of the delivery.
  • Now it’s a big platform that is operating at full capacity and aims to keep revolutionizing.
Big solution requires small and well-calculated steps, so that’s exactly how Opinov8 and Beacon saw the successful product realization on the market. There is a quote from The Times Magazine - “Beacon is aimed at the trillion-dollar freight forwarding industry — the booking agents between importers and exporters.” and it says it all. 


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