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United Language Group (ULG) is a leading language solutions partner that specializes in providing language services such as high-quality translation, localization, and interpreting. With a strong focus on linguistic expertise and quality processes, ULG is dedicated to delivering Total Language Confidence to their clients.

Opinov8 formed multiple teams to enhance ULG Translation and Interpretation departments. Our project had two main goals. First, we developed a secure web portal for submitting translation projects, tracking progress, and managing a terminology database. This centralized system ensured transparency throughout the project lifecycle. Second, we improved the client's Over-The-Phone Interpreting platform, used by multiple agencies in over 200 languages. Additionally, we undertook a major initiative to redesign and implement the client's security systems across their software solutions and IT infrastructure. Lastly, we created a product that facilitates communication between foreigners and medical vendors, overcoming language barriers and ensuring accurate information exchange.


We encountered several significant business challenges while working on this product:
  • Legacy framework limitations: The client's existing product was built on an outdated framework, restricting the utilization of React's advanced features in the design. We had to navigate these limitations and refactor the outdated components to leverage the full potential of React
  • Managing complex functionality: The product entailed a vast array of functionalities. Effectively handling this extensive functionality required meticulous planning, efficient implementation and seamless integration.
  • Continuous development of new features: To stay competitive, we had to constantly develop new features into the product. This required prioritizing feature implementation, adapting to changing requirements and ensuring seamless integration with the existing product architecture.


Scrum framework

Opinov8 has utilized the Scrum framework to efficiently manage the project. The team broke down the project into priorities and user stories, enabling flexible scope modification and providing a visual representation of the delivery process through several Scrum boards and Agile Roadmaps. Leveraging the React.js framework for Web apps, React Native for iOS apps, as well as .NET and Java for backend implementation, we seamlessly developed the product, ensuring a smooth and unified user experience.

Business analysis

Extensive efforts were dedicated to business analytics to optimize the usability of all features and the overall platform functionality. The development process involved creating a comprehensive system comprising an admin portal and a vendor portal, a client iOS app, and several 3rd-party integrations. A key objective was to empower administrators with real-time access to a dynamic list of vendors, including essential information about each vendor. This enabled seamless management and monitoring of vendors, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the platform.

100% user-friendly

We prioritized user-friendly design solutions throughout the development process. By applying a user-centered approach, the focus was on creating intuitive and accessible interfaces that catered to the needs and preferences of the users. By considering usability, visual aestheticsc and intuitive navigation, we ensured that users could easily navigate the platform and efficiently accomplish their tasks. This commitment to user-friendly design solutions contributed to a positive user experience and increased user satisfaction.


Our design approach focuses on user-centered principles, ensuring that the end product is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional and user-friendly. By leveraging industry best practices and staying up to date with the latest design trends, we strive to deliver exceptional user experiences that meet the unique needs of our clients and their target audience.
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Opinov8 brings a range of expertise and capabilities to the table, contributing to the success of the project.

With a highly skilled team of developers and technical experts, Opinov8 ensures the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and best practices in developing the platform. By leveraging our technical expertise, we enhance the functionality and performance of the application, providing a seamless and reliable experience for users.

Opinov8 maintains a collaborative relationship with ULG, promoting effective communication and streamlined project management. Our team closely collaborates with ULG to understand their requirements, align development processes, and deliver results in a timely manner. This fruitful collaboration enables smooth progress and efficient resource allocation.
Opinov8 develops the platform with scalability and flexibility in mind. By designing a robust architecture and implementing scalable solutions, we enable the platform to accommodate a growing user base and adapt to evolving business needs such as human and machine relationship to manage services assocated to language. This scalability ensures that the platform can handle increasing demand and supports ULG's long-term growth objectives.

Business Growth Opportunities: The platform developed by Opinov8 for ULG presents significant business growth opportunities. By providing a user-friendly and efficient platform for foreigners to connect with medical vendors, ULG can attract a larger customer base and expand its reach globally. This growth potential opens up avenues for revenue generation and strategic partnerships within the healthcare industry.

Technology Stack

Our expert team is working with different technologies from .Net to NodeJS. We are using innovative and industry-proven stack to achieve your business goals.

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