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GlobalTranz is dedicated to offering swift and dependable transportation services to shippers of various scales, encompassing all key freight modes. 

Our current undertaking involves the development of a comprehensive CRM system tailored specifically for logistics companies. This CRM system boasts extensive functionality and remarkable customization capabilities. By implementing this innovative solution, we aim to enhance the operational efficiency and user experience for logistics companies, ensuring seamless order creation, streamlined production processes, and adherence to standardized workflows. 

Additionally, our CRM system serves as a valuable tool for documentation tasks, facilitating smooth and efficient record-keeping procedures.
Having an exceptional approach to facing the technological challenges of the present, Renault gained the lead by selling 3.8 million vehicles in 2019. Standing shoulder to shoulder with breakthrough solutions, these guys revolutionize the understanding of the future and keep working on the predetermined strategic areas of innovation to let humanity be those very same contributors to making the world a better place to live in.


We recognize the pressing need for logistics companies to overcome significant business challenges in order to thrive in today's competitive landscape.
The business problem addressed by this project can be summarized as follows:
Better and faster performance and data protection is a must for an enterprise. Groupe Renault faced the necessity of moving the ERP solution from on-premise to AWS Cloud and considered Opinov8 a helping hand in its successful implementation.
  • Multiple backend solutions: The company utilized various backend solutions for Loads Management, resulting in inconsistency in processes. This lack of integration hinders productivity and increases the chances of errors.
  • Browser limitations: The use of a single browser, specifically Internet Explorer, poses constraints on the accessibility and compatibility of the existing systems. This limitation restricts user options and may hinder the adoption of modern technologies or features.


Unified Frontend Web Presence

Development a single frontend web presence for all roles, including agents, shippers and the sales team. This solution aimed to consolidate the user experience by providing a unified interface for Loads Management operations. By utilizing a microservices architecture, we could ensure seamless integration and efficient communication between different modules.

Unified Loads Management View

We created a comprehensive single view solution specifically designed for Loads Management tasks. This solution offered a consolidated and intuitive interface that enables users to access and manage loads efficiently. By incorporating React, we could deliver a responsive and interactive experience.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Ensuring the accessibility of the Loads Management system across a wide range of browsers, moving beyond the limitations imposed by relying solely on Internet Explorer. By implementing compatibility with popular browsers, we could enhance user flexibility and improve the system's adoption rate. This solution allowed users to utilize the Loads Management system through their preferred browsers, increasing efficiency and reducing compatibility issues.


In designing the TMS our focus was on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface. We aimed to provide a visually appealing and organized layout that enabled users to access and manage loads seamlessly. The design prioritized clarity, ease of navigation and efficient information presentation to enhance productivity and streamline the Loads Management process.
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.NET Core 2.1
Azure Cloud
Azure DevOps CI/CD
Azure SQL DB


Our expert team is working with different technologies from .Net to NodeJS. We are using innovative and industry-proven stack to achieve your business goals.

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