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Innovation is in our DNA. We see Technology as an enabler to drive business outcomes in any industry, however, it cannot be truer than in the Healthcare industry. We are seeing the digitization of the Family doctors practice, to automating surgical procedures. The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is all playing an active and disruptive role in the Healthcare industry. HealthTech is becoming mainstream in an extremely complex, regulated and compliant industry.

Opinov8 understands how to build great products and platforms, it is key that we know the intersection of New Technologies and the legacy systems to integrate and optimize systems. We do also know that this is a heavily distributed Industry, so our knowledge is not limited to one area. We believe that we can drive innovation for our HeathTech clients in bringing a deep understanding to the movement from old technologies to new areas. Using IoT, Baas Velocity Framework, Blockchain to name a few can drive new product innovations into the Healthcare Industry.

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