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It has long since been known that Digital Transformation is about being data-driven, this mantra is well versed in all circles. However, the journey from gathering data, to making sense of the data to provide a foundational level, to predictive analytics is a complex problem to solve.

Data is the core ingredient, so gathering or ingesting it is key to taking the next step which is to Analyse it and start to identify areas of interest for potential business value. (BI) This Business Intelligence is what has been the end goal for most businesses. However we are now moving from BI to predictive and prescriptive intelligence commonly bracketed in AI, is where the journey is heading.

Machine Learning is a tool in this process and to get to a model where the data is dynamic and updating from unique sources, to remain current,  to making business decisions based on ML and AI is a very complex problem to solve for any business. Opinov8 doesn't claim to know all the answers! However, we do understand the intersection of these different ecosystems and an understanding that can drive change through Technology to gain advantages in Innovation and business value.

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