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Quality Assurance is vitally important in any software development process. Poor attention to detail in this space will allow security breaches into your code and your business. In recent time we have seen billions of files being hacked in an established business, due to poor attention to detail in Quality Assurance.

It is our vision in Opinov8 that all development is done hand in hand with rigorous controls and testing. There will always be the need for effective code management and automated and manual testing environments, it is therefore key that it is active in each sprint and each pre-release of any feature, product or platform.

Security is only going to get more priority and higher on the agenda of the CEO's in Global business, coupled with trying to drive efficiency in operational environments, this is where DevOps is core to the principles of the latest in architectural design and integration.

Connecting the Bi-Modal platform strategy by using effective DevOps practices, tools, and process, will allow companies to Innovate faster and maintain control and drive optimization in the predictive, operational processes.