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Today’s consumers expect seamless, individualized experiences in exchange for their loyalty to a particular brand or product. Social networking has opened exciting new avenues for such digital engagement between businesses and their consumers, but navigating the landscape is challenging. Efforts to leverage Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to improve customer retention and drive growth can easily get lost in increasingly crowded newsfeeds and cluttered social spaces.

Opinov8 helps businesses create engagement strategies that connect with consumers and, just as important, keep the dialog going. Our approach to digital engagement offers Ecommerce, UX/frontend and marketing automation ideas and implementation that help businesses generate brand awareness, convert that awareness into revenue and build ongoing brand loyalty.

Another key component of digital engagement is the ability to measure and analyze its effectiveness and impact. Opinov8 enables businesses to likewise develop metrics to understand what is (and isn’t working) and determine how to make the necessary adjustments. 

Opinov8 knows that successful engagement is more than getting people to “like” a particular brand or product. Businesses want to create a community around their offerings that taps into who their customers are and is responsive to their needs over time.

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