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DevOps is a mindset, a culture and a set of technical practices. It provides increased communication, integration, automation and closer cooperation among all the people needed to plan, develop, test, deploy, release and maintain your Solution in your business.

We are not attached to a specific cloud provider, we have expertise in Azure, AWS and Google, however, have the philosophy that the cloud provider should not be the driving factor, rather we should be focusing on the product and what would benefit your users and business outcomes first.

DevOps Benefits

Collaboration and organization – DevOps relies on the ability of Agile Teams and IT Operations teams to collaborate effectively in an ongoing manner, ensuring that solutions are developed and delivered faster and more reliably. This is implemented, in part, by including operations personnel and capabilities on every ART
Risk tolerance – DevOps requires a tolerance for failure and rapid recovery and rewards risk-taking
Self-service infrastructures – Infrastructure empowers development and operations to act independently without blocking each other
Knowledge sharing – Sharing discoveries, practices, tools, and learning across silos is encouraged
“Automate everything” mindset – DevOps relies heavily on automation to provide speed, consistency, and repeatable processes and environment creation.


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