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Anyware Solutions

Anyware Solutions offers a simplified and relevant Smart Home experience for everyone. In a deeply integrated Product Design and Business Model Design, the all-in-one connected lamp socket adaptor reflects an unprecedented end-to-end solution for Insurance, Energy Utility and Telco partners.

Business Problem (The Challenge)

Anyware Solutions required a scalable cloud platform through which they can provision and engage partners and customers alike and create compelling digital services for their target audience based on hardware sensor data and user interactions on the fly.

Further, Anyware Solutions wanted to avoid ending up in a cloud platform vendor lock-in, so it was important that the solution can be fairly seamlessly moved from one cloud platform provider to another

Our solution

A native mobile-first solution built on a scalable micro-services architecture. Using Opinov8s BaaS velocity framework which includes identity mgmnt, a powerful real-time rules engine for configuration of engagement flows and digital services, web-based platform mgmnt interface allowing non-technical staff to onboard partners, create and operate engagement rules and much more.

Running on Azure, the software pipeline is fully automated using VSTS and data visualization is consumed via PowerBIs native SDK. Application performance metrics is also consumed natively from the Azure stack.

The Outcome

A scalable digital engagement platform, augmenting Anyware Solutions award-winning hardware and together creating a powerful product system aimed at taking new digital services to their marketplace.