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DevOps stems from the combination of software development (Dev) and software operations (Ops). This merging of the two departments has been crucial in meeting the goals of increased productivity during the construction of applications.When discussing DevOps, we need to unpack the two main components that give it its value.

 The first component is the actual physical department that will implement the practices of DevOps and oversee each phase of the development process to ensure maximum efficiency and cohesion. The second component is the idea of collaboration and communication between the traditionally separated departments of IT development and IT operations.

 To any growing company that is looking to take on large-scale projects, the importance of DevOps in the workplace is obvious. Implementation of DevOps practices results in a less risky, more cost-efficient and overall improved development cycle. Opinov8 has an experienced team of specialists that are passionate about implementing modern DevOps strategies to ensure that productive collaboration occurs between your company’s IT departments. This results in a more optimized and stable final product.

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