8 day PoC - mobile first

Shorten the innovation cycle with opinov8’s fast prototyping capability!

Value proposition

Prototypes are a great way to:

  • Gain Market ValidationGet the app into the hands of potential users, get feedback on the user journey and understand the value proposition better.
  • Engage Internal StakeholdersA prototype application helps to rally support for an innovation initiative without having to apply for a big internal budget.
  • Drive Business OutcomeA tangible, real mobile application communicates your business concept very well and creates interest among new investors.

What you get

  • Clickable visuals with pre-defined partial user flows
  • Screens visualisation with no programmed logic
  • Interactive screens may just be presented to users
PoCJust in 8 days you get
  • Product Vision
  • iOS and Android mobile apps with it's source code distributed to your validation group
  • Simple user authentication and personalization
  • 1-3 critical user flows
  • Simple cloud back-end
  • Basic cross-user in-app interaction
  • Real application with the real code base, which can be further developed, not thrown away and start over moving towards MVP
  • Detailed product specification
  • Apps in the App Store and Play Store
  • 2- / 3-step, social media authentication, a full user profile
  • Full functional scope
  • Optimized high-performing back-end

Innovation as a service

8-day PoC
  • Rapid design and coding of the most valuable features, aimed at proving the business concept.
  • Typically targeted to a small group of users, who try to achieve value through suggested user flow.
  • Represents product USP.
8-week MVP
  • Mandatory user governance features needed for a full-cycle cross-user flows within the app.
  • Typically targeted for the market launch, what requires back-end logic, security concepts, error handing, admin panel to operate the business
Platform Engineering
  • Optimization, incremental feature development.
Managed Service & Support
  • Live application and infrastructure SLA-based monitoring and maintenance.

Proven 8-day Process

  • 01Scoping Workshop
  • 02User Experience Concept
  • 03Wireframes
  • 04Wireframes, Graphic Design
phone prototype
  • 05App Core Logic
  • 06App Coding / Alpha Version
  • 07App Coding / Beta Version
  • 08App Finalisation, Delivery

We're proud of our work

The team at opinov8 has years of experience in designing mobile first user journeys that disrupts the market.


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