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Opinov8 provides data feeds and analytics to Global marketing in over 16 countries for Dell (email marketing, banner retargeting, Google PLA, Shopping, Video-ads and affiliate partners). Multiple Agencies and even more internal Dell teams work on this platform and we supply the data in Omnichannel formats, customized for all the different platforms used.

Business Problem (The Challenge)

Product information on gets updated frequently and is located in many different formats and locations. Marketing channels need product data to create marketing campaigns and this data needs to be collected, merged, stored and distributed in many different shapes and formats.
10+ years ago, this was a manual process however we automated the process and from there have provided a more global coverage and supported more countries and supplied more data to an increasing number of channels.

Our solution

Our platform collects data, by accessing multiple APIs with that have access to specific data, cross-referencing the Dell site for additional data, imagery, and texts, then it merges this product data with stored imagery, ingests this data and then the feed gets enriched with external data sources. It is then this finished data that is used to increase conversions and re-engage with consumers to increase the customer wallet.

The Outcome

Dell has been using our platform for many years and we continuously keep improving and adapting to changes. We work with Global agencies like Mediacom, Wunderman, Epsilon, Conversant Media, SundaySky, Performance Horizon and much more who all use our data with their own channel strategies.