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The Client is leading European retailer known for their lingerie and underwear. Their story started at the
beginning of 20th century and is now spread throughout 20 countries with more than 200 brick
and mortar stores.

Business Problem (The Challenge)

  • Outdated Hybris store, too expensive to maintain
  • Non-responsive design with 50% of mobile users browsing daily
  • Moving the site to new domain and preserving the old domain strength
  • Complex integrations with ERP and CRM
  • Fixed deadline connected with contract termination of fulfillment provider

Our solution

Since the client had quite tight deadlines, and there was a certain amount of development done, Opinov8 conducted a technical audit to better familiarize ourselves with the code, as well as identify complex and potentially vulnerable spots to be more precise with estimation of the remaining features. The outcome
was a complex report identifying all custom modules and issues that require attention. Full or partial refactoring of modules was estimated and included in the development roadmap. Urgent issues that were potential security flaws were fixed immediately.

The design was handled by Opinov8 team according to Client’s new style guide. To ensure a faster delivery, design on frontend was implemented in-parallel with design drawing. The iterations were timed in such a way, that UI designer could’ve worked with new screens, as well as check the implemented ones on the
site. As much as possible from existing functionality on the frontend was reused (filtering mechanisms, search and banners)
We focused on figuring out what exactly needs to be done to improve client’s website and hence customer’s shopping experience.

Since business was already running online for a while, some online marketing tools were already set-up.
Google AdWords, Tag manager, and Affiliate programs were configured to run on the old site. We have conducted the following works to ensure that no data is lost from old platform and to safeguard that we are getting the most relevant data possible:

  • Google Analytics Enhanced Commerce
  • Google Tag Manager with reconfigured goals;
  • Google AdWords campaign was launched;
  • Integration of affiliate program was conducted.

Data-driven decisions
In e-commerce, you can track virtually everything. Existing free tools like Google Analytics can help you create strong hypotheses based on available information about your customers. Google Analytics Enhanced commerce is easily installed in Magento 2 with a help of a simple module, that allows tracking
information regarding the conversion funnel, transactions, and other related commercial metrics.
Some things that we started to track:

  • customer segmentation (window-shopper, creates wishlists, reacts to promotions)
  • search vs navigation viewer (what’s the difference in behavior between users who are using search or filtering)
  • form-filling (length, clicks, difficulty)
  • shopping behavior of logged-in vs anonymous users

The Outcome

Our team successfully solved troubles with orders and database issues. They improved on-site technical SEO and categorization and category pages display.
As a result, Client now has a fast and device-optimised site with a modern and elegant responsive design. Overall it has resulted in increased conversions and a more pleasurable experience for online shoppers.
After the launch in June 2016, we continued to work with the Client on promotion via Google Adwords and continuous support while suggesting improvements.