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Getting one of the biggest cosmetics retailers online is a task that needs to be handled step-by-step due to business processes and organizational stakeholder buy-in complexity.

A discovery session was conducted with the clients’ cross-functional project team consisting of marketing, logistics, and commercial specialists to discuss and align the project strategy from all stakeholders’ perspectives. That included in-depth discussions on the user journey, how to integrate loyalty programs for increasing CLV and most of all - how to create a good omnichannel customer experience.

Business and logistics processes were discussed in depth, in order to find bottlenecks and potential pain points. Representatives from the brick and mortar stores together with the marketing department gave a unique insight into the types of customers and their interaction with the stores and the brand as a whole.

The outcome was a complete eCommerce platform vision, backlog of features and estimation of the entire project. The vision included a definition of the company’s USPs and how those would differentiate them from the competition.