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About expertise

When it comes to optimal application development and deployment, simply achieving functionality is not enough. Developing smooth and intuitive user-interfaces (UI) and user-experiences (UX), are the two core components that will determine the success of your application.The UI should be simple to understand, visually pleasing and provide the user with full access to the application’s features and capabilities. Following proper UX/UI design practices are crucial in engineering a positive and memorable user-experience. 

Here at Opinov8 our experienced platform and development team utilize innovative design thinking  practices and technology while collaborating with our clients to produce modern and user-optimized software.

Intuitive design

Developing and designing intuitive user-interfaces requires extensive knowledge of both software engineering practices and the desires of the target demographic. Our platform and development team have experience in both application development and marketing. We ensure that our applications contain intuitive and modern user-interfaces, allowing for full functionality and an optimal user-experience.

Testing & feedback

Testing and user feedback are invaluable tools in the process of UX/UI design. We release a beta version of the application to a limited number of users, which allows us to receive valuable feedback about the product before deployment. Our team then implements several rigorous and advanced testing methods on the application to quickly diagnose and resolve any harmful bugs.

Deployment & maintenance

To ensure that deployed applications retain full functionality and continue delivering engaging and positive user-experiences, our applications are built to be flexible and modifiable. Our team supervises the maintenance of deployed applications and also the design and implementation of new and exciting updates to the UX/UI, making your software adaptable to the constantly changing market.

Business outcomes

Increased customer satisfaction

Through customer feedback and the utilization of industry leading UX/UI design practices, your application will be optimized for your target customer demographic. These customers will love using an application that is customized with an intuitive and friendly user-interface, resulting in an increase in overall customer satisfaction.

More cost effective development cycle

Experienced development teams using modern design practices combined with a detailed testing and maintenance strategy allow for a quicker and more productive development cycle. This type of cycle allocates resources more efficiently and requires less costly changes, delays and redesigns, resulting in a more cost effective workflow.

Increased product stability

Incorporating UX/UI design practices into the design and development process not only creates a more desirable and marketable product, but also one that is more stable and secure. Testing on a prototype application, soliciting customer feedback through a beta release, and a system of continued application maintenance all result in a deployed application that has increased stability without sacrificing any functionality.

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