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Designing architecture that lays the foundation for software and business innovation.

About expertise

The importance of software architecture cannot be understated; it is one of the most important factors in the development of high-quality, high performance software. Software architecture is the foundation for all subsequent application design; it provides a complete overview of the structure and individual components of a software system. 

The architecture is what ensures that key software characteristics such as scalability, agility, flexibility and security are implemented into a structured system that fulfills both technical and business requirements. These characteristics help shape and optimize the design process, resulting in faster, stable and more efficient software.Here at Opinov8 we understand the importance of a proper software architecture, this is why we are passionate about designing and implementing a system that gives you the freedom to create groundbreaking and innovative software.

Architectural analysis and design

In order to design the most effective architecture, we first analyse your current environment and infrastructure, which helps us determine what specific needs need to be accommodated. Once we have an understanding of the business and performance necessities, level of desired functionality and development timeframe, we can then get to work designing a customized architecture solution capable of satisfying all requirements.

Scalable and durable

As technological advancements and consumer demand continues to evolve, software is in a constant state of modification in an attempt to keep up with the fluctuating market.

Our software architecture is designed with scalability in mind, allowing your applications to undergo changes, redesigns and improvements without risking any loss of functionality. Durability is also built into the architecture, ensuring that continuous modifications may be implemented without needing to redesign the entire system.

Business integration

Our software architecture systems are developed with a focus not just on software solutions but the entire business architecture. We take into account all necessary corporate factors such as ROI, risk management, organizational workflows and quality assurance. We are passionate about delivering a software architecture that operates harmoniously with your current business strategy, optimizing both the software development process and your overall business model.

Business outcomes

Flexible software design

Fresh and innovative software design concepts aren’t often capitalized on during the design process due to an inability to develop them into practical applications. Our architecture contains software fundamentals that incorporate flexibility and scalability, allowing you to develop your desired application without any technological restrictions.

Improved durability and long-term security

Undertaking the design and implementation of a new software architecture into your company’s system can be a long and costly process. This is why our architecture solutions are durable, secure and designed for long-term use. They are capable of adapting to new and modern design concepts, providing a stable and future-proof system.

An optimized business architecture

Your new software architecture will be customized to facilitate all requirements of your current business architecture. The collaboration and shared interests between the two systems will result in both the business and software architectures being utilized to their fullest potential.

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