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Using automation and advanced testing methods to implement. detailed Quality Assurance protocols.

About expertise

A mature  Quality Assurance (QA) strategy is critical in the design, development, and deployment of stable and secure applications. A core stage of an effective QA methodology is detailed application testing, a process that has become increasingly effective with the addition of automation. QA testing is used to diagnose any harmful bugs and defects and ensure that the developed application is functioning according to initial design specifications.

Here at Opinov8 our Quality Assurance expertise team has extensive experience using modern and cutting edge QA testing tools, debuggers and protocols to deliver an in-depth and automated solution. Through a process of auditing, automated testing and virtual simulations, we meticulously interact with the application, guaranteeing that the final product is functional, safe and secure.


Implementing QA testing protocols is a crucial component of successful application development. These tests however must be performed at key phases in the development cycle to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked. Our team will conduct an audit of your current system to determine the most appropriate time to undertake automated testing procedures.

Automated testing

During the application development cycle we utilize automation to test and implement QA measures. Test cases, debugging tools, and auto-testing allow us to effectively gather metrics that manual testing does not produce. Automated testing is useful for performing repetitive tasks and isolating specific test cases, allowing us to test for application functionality with greater consistency, accuracy and efficiency.

User-environment simulation

Using auto-testing tools and our own custom scripts, we run tests that simulate a realistic user-environment, allowing us to see how the application functions under real-world conditions and how it handles an increasing amount of simulated user-traffic. Automation is extremely useful for this task, the repetitive actions of this process can be performed quickly and accurately for long periods of time, resulting in a more authentic simulated testing environment.

Business outcomes

Stable final product

The current software market is saturated with applications that are buggy, insecure and lack functionality. Our process of QA testing is meticulous and intensive; your released final product will have been thoroughly examined, ensuring the application is stable and secure.

Increased cost efficiency

Performing effective QA automated testing procedures on the developing application impacts the workflow of the development cycle. Following QA automation principles, bugs and vulnerabilities are discovered in its early stages, allowing for quick and simple fixes to the application’s code. Automated testing also prevents late-stage refactoring, costly software recalls and last-minute changes, resulting in a more resource and cost efficient application development process.

Improved reputation among key demographics

Customers value reliable and secure products. Applications that are distributed to your target demographic of users must be secure and bug free. Our expertise in QA automation ensures that your consumer base receives an optimal deployed application, resulting in your company having a reputation of credibility and safety.

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