Mobile and front-end development

Crafting user-optimized software solutions using innovative design practices and frameworks.

About expertise

As the technology market and user journey continue to expand and become more complex, electronic devices are becoming more and more prevalent in the daily lives of an increasingly large demographic of users. To deliver effective applications to this consumer base, application designs must have a primary focus on the client-side of software development, User Journey. Successful front-end solutions will incorporate the key components of usability, functionality, and when developing mobile applications, portability. 

At Opinov8 our experienced platform, development and design  team are passionate about delivering modern and intuitive front-end solutions. Our services provide software that delivers an engaging user-experience while also seamlessly incorporating full functionality into the interface of the application. 

Mobile application

Having access to an application’s functions and features while on the move is a necessity in a constantly shifting market. Our team utilizes selective programming languages and frameworks, optimized for mobile development including Swift, Kotlin, React Native and JS Frameworks to deliver lightweight yet powerful mobile first  applications. The end result is a modern and portable product that is as powerful as both its desktop and web software counterparts.

Modern platforms & frameworks

To consistently develop secure and high-performance applications, we utilize platforms that facilitate the use of industry leading programming frameworks. Our team of full-stack developers is capable of engineering end-to-end platforms, enabling us to develop innovative front-end solutions that provide quick, secure and easy access to all the features of the application.

Client-side optimization

We use our expertise in UX/UI design to develop interfaces and front-end features that are intuitive and accessible. Using our own end-to-end platforms, we build front-end and mobile applications that are client-focused - providing an engaging user-experience while also ensuring the application retains its back-end processing power and efficiency.

Business outcomes

Optimized final product

We are passionate about creating the best possible applications and software architecture. Our front-end solutions are optimized to meet the needs of end-users. Our expertise in design, development, and QA automation result in a final product that delivers a visually captivating and seamless user experience.

Expanded market presence

Capitalizing on the trending mobile application market is a necessity of any successful software company. We utilize both high level programming languages and their respective frameworks to deliver mobile applications that are modern, visually captivating, and lightweight yet powerful. By tapping into the mobile app market, your company can gain increased representation in a highly competitive and in-demand business sector.

Increased customer satisfaction

We value a personal and collaborative approach with all our clients. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and this is why all our applications and front-end solutions are designed with the experience of the end-user in mind. We are confident that your consumer-base will notice the effort that has been put into ensuring that the final product is accessible, stable, and delivers a smooth and intuitive front-end experience.

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