Managed services and support

Strategically re-allocate your resources by utilizing Opinov8 managed services offering to support and maintain your Infrastructure and application platforms.

About expertise

Technology has continued to become more embedded in the infrastructure of businesses and corporate operations. Performing constant monitoring of your company’s IT system is often a large-scale, expensive and complex task, requiring personnel with extensive expertise in system administration and business intelligence. Managed services allow for the outsourcing of these responsibilities, allowing companies to allocate their resources towards more immediate and important tasks. 

At Opinov8 we understand the importance of time and resource management; our managed services team are skilled in both Information Systems and Business Intelligence. By providing an offsite service that actively operates and monitors your IT systems, we not only react to real-time problems but also proactively prepare for and mitigate potential future hazards.

Dynamic planning & KPIs

We implement custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), along with baseline tests to assess whether your system is functioning at the level of expected efficiency. These KPIs allow us to monitor your system performance at a consistent rate, ensuring quicker response time and a more accurate measurement of infrastructure efficiency.

Proactive support and monitoring

Our managed services team provides proactive support through a process of actively considering and anticipating possible risks. This allows us to handle potentially dangerous incidents with greater speed and efficiency. Observing in-depth managed services practices, we also implement preventative measures and monitoring  into our IT management strategy, reducing the chance of system failures occurring.

Managed Security

Protecting your data from malicious and external threats is a key component of operating an efficient IT system. Our managed services team implement advanced security protocols in conjunction with round the clock system monitoring. We are able to respond to security incidents in rapid time, limiting the scope of their impact and ensuring that your system is safe and secure.

Business outcomes

Increased productivity

Outsourcing the workload of your IT department allows your company to better allocate resources and time to focus on more important business oriented projects. Your workflow will become significantly more productive as the administration of your IT system is handled by  managed services professionals off-site.

Improved cost effectiveness

Engaging the expertise of a third party to handle managed services and IT administrative duties results in beneficial outcomes on both technological and financial fronts. Through a process of a round-the-clock support, system monitoring and an intricate security strategy, costly IT expenses are significantly reduced, resulting in a more cost efficient business model. 

Custom future planning

Our managed services department will analyse your current system and provide expert opinions about important considerations that you should prepare for to effectively handle future scenarios. Proper planning will ensure your systems continue to stay secure and protected from any potential future dangers, which includes external threats, system vulnerabilities and outdated infrastructures.

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