Data engineering

Capture, control and process Big data to stay one step ahead of the market.

About expertise

As the collective volume of data has continued to increase every year, companies have realized they are often ill equipped to handle such large amounts of information. Consequently, these companies are unable to capitalize on the key insights and advantages the data provides.

So what exactly can companies do to harness the full potential of Big data? This is where the science of data engineering comes into play. Data engineers facilitate the collection and analysis of data through the development of information processing applications. Here at Opinov8 our experienced team of data engineers is committed to offering you a modern and agile data solution, resulting in the discovery of unique market insights and a more streamlined workflow.

Data pipelines

Data pipelines facilitate the transferring of raw data from one system to another. Building a proper pipeline is critical for efficiently gaining consistent access to the necessary data. Our team of data engineers is capable of both building an end-to-end pipeline from scratch, and utilizing modern cloud capabilities through AWS to implement a pre-built pipeline.

Automation and machine learning

Our data engineers are passionate about utilizing emerging and innovative technology. This is why our platforms incorporate the use of automation and machine learning algorithms to collect, store and analyze data with greater accuracy, speed and consistency.

Data platforms

We build and administer modern enterprise data platforms to handle the storage, analysis and representation of harvested data. Our data platforms incorporate the best UX/UI design practices to deliver intuitive interfaces, visualization tools, statistical modeling and data visualization software applications.

Business outcomes

Improved data analysis

The systems, tools, algorithms and architecture that our data engineers design and implement are all optimized to capture, process, store and display Big data in the most efficient manner possible. This allows for a smoother and more accurate process of analysing and retrieving the useful information from data storage.

Streamlined workflow

Large volumes of data are often difficult to manage and can slow down even the most high performing systems. Our platforms are able to effectively handle this data without clogging up your current system’s infrastructure. Our data engineering solutions provide efficient, modern and agile methods of controlling the flow and access of information.

Increased market opportunities

Being able to access and analyse Big data is an invaluable tool in a highly competitive corporate world. With a proper data engineering solution, your company will have access to unique insights about the market, target demographics, consumer demands and other valuable business information that gives you the edge over your competitors.

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