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About expertise

Cloud computing became a breakthrough technology almost two decades ago. The ability to host data and systems online rather than on a computer completely changed the development and architectural practices of software engineers. Since then, cloud capabilities have evolved to handle even more complex operations such as containerization and modular approach, elastic analytical databases, running data-centric workloads, and serverless computing. 

Serverless architecture abstracts away your entire infrastructure and allows you to operate simple configurations that are being deployed for you. Serverless applications run in ephemeral containers, auto-scale with usage, and have built-in availability and fault tolerance. Here at Opinov8, we help our customers realize the full potential of Cloud computing and guide organizations towards leading-edge IT infrastructures.


To achieve cloud business values, we examine your existing infrastructure, design your future architecture based on the business targets you want to achieve, select appropriate migration tools, and right-size cloud environments from the beginning.

Manage and optimize

Without the right expertise, tooling, and methodologies, organizations fail to achieve the promised efficiencies of the cloud and encounter sprawling severe problems. Our cloud experts and DevOps engineers are keen to reduce your operational costs and run your cloud infrastructure in the most efficient way.


Some of the basic security measures include built-in firewalls, role-based access control, multi-factor authentication, dedicated connection, etc. At Opinov8, we help you implement appropriate encryption and key management, disaster recovery, and monitoring systems that cover your exact business needs and compliance requirements.

Business outcomes

Pay-as-you-go spending model

Whereas on-premise infrastructures require significant upfront investments, cloud services are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. It also means that infrastructure expenditures are instantly scaled based on your actual consumption, letting you achieve 100% utilization of the resources involved.

Scalability and performance

Storage and computing capacity of cloud services can quickly adjust to dynamic changes and supports rapid provisioning on-demand. The cloud also allows tuning and right-sizing the infrastructure performance to meet the business-driven requirements.

Better security and compliance

With the cloud, you have more options to build efficient disaster recovery systems and protect against downtime, availability loss, and system failures. Built-in encryption, data retention, residency controls, and continuous monitoring provide both evidence and tools to comply with regulatory requirements of cloud services.

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