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Business optimization through analytics always starts with the vision. Analysts communicate the vision to key stakeholders like the product users, buyers, investors, and developers, they gather requirements, and audit competitors’ offerings in their target niche. The result of this first stage of business analysis is that you will have the information needed to strategically assess the product’s position in the market. In addition to providing requirements management services, business analysts create projects and allocate necessary resources, such as design and development teams, infrastructure components, and codebases. 

At Opinov8, we bring together disparate sides of digital products and make sure that all stakeholders are on the same page in terms of business requirements and goals. Our experts use market research and external and internal data sources to develop a high-level assessment of product requirements, resources, and lifecycle or update the existing vision in accordance with business needs. 

Opinov8 analysts can also help you design and validate your solution. For our clients, we create structured walkthroughs, model the project processes and scope, create mockups for rapid test of demand, and build business analytics dashboards to maximize the value of all planned development activities.

Proven domain expertise

Analyzing the development processes and use cases, our experts bring deep domain knowledge and experience to the table. The delivered market research, requirements, rules, and business model design capture best practices adopted in the industry -- be it healthcare, FinTech, logistics, travel & leisure, e-commerce or others.

Agile approach

Our experts follow an Agile approach in providing business analytics services. Basic principles of Agile methodology assume that individuals and interactions have greater value than processes, and customer collaboration and responding to changing business needs is more important than following a predetermined plan. As a result, our approach to business analysis always focuses on increasing the actual business value of the product and supports the flexibility and speed of development processes.

Business analytics dashboards

Dashboards and monitoring tools are must-have elements of effective project management, as they provide concise and reliable information that business managers depend on to make shrewd decisions. In addition to making use of real-time data, Opinov8 analysts can help automate repetitive tasks or execute full-scale automation of the entire business function.

Business outcomes

Customer satisfaction

With business analytics and efficient use of gathered requirements, your software development will be more adaptive to ever-changing customer requirements and the competitive landscape in your niche. Additionally, you will be able to personalize software systems for target audiences to boost their engagement with your digital products.

Operational efficiency

By combining unified business requirements, thorough business analysis, and stakeholder consensus, you can achieve more transparent communication in your team. In addition, proactive KPI monitoring and measurement also give employees a feeling of autonomy and control. The experience of our clients shows that tracking development progress through business analytics dashboards can significantly boost the productivity of the project team and mobilize internal resources.

Accurate business decisions

With business analytics dashboards, it becomes easier to track the performance of your systems, user behavior or the development progress. Making use of real-time data, you can improve the quality of decision-making and know in advance the bottleneck you need to focus on. You can also achieve time and cost savings through automation of certain management tasks, such as data analysis and performance measurement.

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