Application & platform engineering

Creating platforms and products that provide the foundation for innovative businesses.

About expertise

Amidst a highly competitive and constantly evolving technological landscape, application development has emerged as one of the most in-demand specializations. To effectively deploy high-quality applications, it is essential to properly engineer a platform that enables an agile, quick, secure and cost effective application development cycle.

At Opinov8 we are passionate about collaborating with our clients to engineer both the application and the platform it is built upon. We specialize in engineering end-to-end platforms that support and provide the foundational software components for the development of intuitive and high-performance enterprise applications. 

Platform development

Our experienced platform and development team create platforms that incorporate all the necessary technological features of a modern platform, including legacy software support, modern frameworks and languages, cloud compatibility, and front and back end support tools. Our platforms facilitate the development of modern enterprise applications, capable of efficiently fulfilling the needs of large businesses and delivering a secure and consistent daily service.

Application development

Our team utilizes the full technological capabilities of our developed platforms along with our expertise in DevOps, UX/UI design and agile project development to engineer end-to-end enterprise level applications. Our applications are stable, secure, user-friendly, and regularly maintained and updated to ensure continued functionality over long-term periods.

Cloud solutions & evolving technology

We engineer platforms and applications that are flexible and built-to-last. Our platforms are capable of incorporating emerging technology and providing a flexible support infrastructure for the development of agile applications. We ensure that our platforms and applications are capable of utilizing innovative new technological solutions such as cloud computing and IoT development, resulting in a modern and future-ready enterprise system.

Business outcomes

Market adaptability

In a constantly shifting technological landscape, an application needs to be flexible and modifiable to fit the changing needs and desires of users. Our applications, developed in conjunction with our unique platforms are developed using agile design principles, resulting in a final product that is powerful and secure yet flexible enough to adapt to the changing market.

Increased technical capabilities

Our platforms are engineered to provide all the foundation technological frameworks and features required to produce powerful and contemporary applications. Through the utilization of multiple programming languages, frameworks and libraries of scalable code, we allow for the development of applications that push current technology to the very limit.

Greater cost efficiency

We have created platforms that cover all the necessities involved in the processes of developing and deploying applications, implementing fresh and exciting emerging technological innovations, and producing state of the art enterprise software. Application design, development and maintenance can now be centralized using one platform allowing for a more labor and cost efficient workflow.

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