Migration to AWS cloud


Migration to AWS cloud

Created with simplicity in mind it’s a platform that officially puts an end to a time-robbing and tedious procedure of buying your dream car online. After conducting a thorough analysis and tests on car technical characteristics it’s available for anyone as a good quality-price option. 

InstaMotion platform is where customers can count on user-friendly navigation, high-quality customer support service, and seamless order and delivery procedure. Reality is better than expectations here. 


Being a leading eCommerce car platform in Germany means running like clockwork. What the market constantly requires is flexibility, efficiency, and security otherwise the business has all the chances to be the one that chases but not the one being chased. 

To meet your customer’s expectations and needs you should deliver a high-quality service 24/7 considering constant overall platform improvements, sharing insights about boosting quality expertise, and implementing cutting-edge solutions. Experienced and qualified IT professionals were all InstaMotion needed and considered cooperation with the Opinov8 team to propel their business to the next level. 

The business challenge InstaMotion was faced with was the decreased delivery efficiency. Poor code quality distinctly slowed down the progress with functionality implementation and made the software unstable and difficult to modify. Apart from that, InstaMotion existing Heroku-based infrastructure didn’t meet business requirements and our client considered migration to AWS as a cost-effective solution which promised a seamless deployment process and increased productivity of the development team. 

Choosing Opinov8 as a technology partner brought a big team of innovation seekers together to deliver with value.


Invest your time in creating a new, or spend it on fixing an old. It depends on business objectives. When debugging became more challenging and the platform wasn’t running efficiently, Opinov8 suggested a cost-effective solution to rewrite code from scratch to successfully implement new user requirements.

The process evolved further with the method of CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) to optimize the process by automating development, deployment, and testing stages. CI/CD practice enabled fast product iterations and made deployment of features less risky, whereby, from the practical perspective, it was easier to release changes in small pieces and check them right away.

Being a fast-growing medium business InstaMotion needed to have access to a more custom and scalable environment that could meet high computational demands, so having the AWS certified DevOps specialists Opinov8 assisted in migrating off Heroku. In addition to stability and affordability, a key benefit of migrating to AWS was the security reason as the business was able to own its data for all 100%, including the ability to encrypt it, move it, and manage the date of expiry.


Since April 2019 a lot of work has been done and what we have for now is a stable and revenue-generative platform that shows flawless performance, can easily withstand any market changes, and be maneuverable on all sharp turns. Opinov8 team keeps covering the testing part to assess the overall product usability, security, and compatibility. 

By building the platform on microservices, the software is now broken down into multiple component services which can be independently updated or adjusted without redeploying the entire application thus the process of managing bug fixes and feature releases became seamless and faster. So in case something fails the whole platform won’t go down.

As far as the portion of images on the website was significant and there was no way to cut those media resources from the existing platform, Opinov8 came to the decision of using a lazy loading optimization technique where the main idea stands in loading only the required section and pause the remaining until users need it. The aim was to reduce time consumption and memory usage to optimize the overall content delivery performance. The results were astonishing, the website download speed has been reduced to 70%.

There are still so many plans ahead together with InstaMotion, so Opinov8 will keep introducing new ideas and best practices to derive the best result.

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