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Instamotion: AWS Cloud Migration and ECS Adoption

Instamotion initiated a migration to a microservice architecture, leveraging Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) for container orchestration. This architectural shift from a monolithic setup to ECS-facilitated microservices allowed for enhanced scalability through decentralised service deployment. Migration introduced complexities in service orchestration and inter-service communication, demanding robust solutions for load balancing and network traffic management. Transition optimised resource allocation and failure isolation, significantly improving system resilience and response times within a dynamic operational environment.

Renault ERP migration to AWS

Opinov8 successfully migrated Renault's ERP system from on-premises to AWS Cloud, creating a self-healing, scalable infrastructure. This decision saved Renault 15-25% in costs, improving business productivity and operational resilience.

Weld Health: improving app performance with AWS

Opinov8 employed Amazon Elasticsearch to index data, feeding it to AWS DynamoDB storage. The marketplace platform's performance is monitored using Elasticsearch Service. To enhance the data ingestion pipeline's efficiency, Opinov8 utilized AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito, and AWS API Gateway.

Hastee: AWS Microservices architecture

Opinov8 accelerated scalability and speed using AWS microservices architecture, delivering the minimum viable product quickly for customer feedback.
Renault ERP migration to AWS
App build in AWS Infrastructure

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