What are some RPA tools your team should be using?

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Robotic process automation (RPA) tools make it easy for organizations to automate typical workflows. Analyzing a user’s movements through an application’s graphical user interface, RPA tools can faithfully recreate the same workflow that an active employee would be required to carry out on their own. The result is a solution that can automate a wide range of tasks and services, freeing up employees from performing repetitive work and enabling them to focus on more valuable tasks.

While most RPA tools are designed for similar purposes, the market for RPA tools is ripe with different options. Determining the best choice for an organization is often a matter of considering the number of applications the RPA toolset supports, the ease of deployment and its ease of use.

Here are some popular RPA tools that your team should be using:


1. UiPath

UiPath is one of the leading RPA tools for automating desktop and web-based applications. It is available as a comprehensive enterprise platform and as a free community edition. Users can design, deploy and control fully automated workforces that are able to completely mimic a human’s behavior. Built with a simple drag-and-drop interface for easy usability, UiPath offers one of the lowest barriers of entry to building a robotic workforce.


2. Blue prism

Blue Prism’s enterprise software robots are an intelligent, scalable, adaptive and secure set of RPA tools. Built upon the Microsoft .NET Framework, Blue Prism can automate applications across a wide variety of platforms, including mainframes, terminal emulators and web services. Blue Prism provides incredible amounts of visibility and control over digital workers, allowing organizations to get real-time feedback into the performance of any specific workflow or task.


3. WorkFusion

Also available in free and enterprise editions, WorkFusion offers everything from self-service RPA tools to a comprehensive AI-powered enterprise automation platform. RPA Express, WorkFusion’s free platform, enables teams to deploy robotic workers without the need to code. For enterprise users, WorkFusion’s Enterprise Smart Process Automation (SPA) uses AI to digitize operations with the help of machine learning bots and smart analytics.


4. Automation anywhere

Trusted by financial institutions, healthcare organizations and logistics operations, Automation Everywhere makes it possible to deploy anywhere from 10 to 5,000 automated bots. Built with business users in mind, Automation Everywhere offers tools to create, deploy, and monitor bots across the enterprise that are backed up with detailed analytics. Automation Anywhere’s solutions also offer advanced security and audit tools for compliance with regulations like the European Union’s GDPR.

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