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Designing a high-quality user interface and engineering a positive user experience are two of the most important components to consider in software development. Intuitive interfaces that allow users to carry out their desired tasks with ease and speed can enable them to get the most out of an application. 

Of course, not all users are alike, which poses a challenge for developers seeking to reach the broadest audience possible. That’s especially true for Generation Z, the first cohort of digital natives who were not raised in a pre-Internet world. To members of Gen Z, applications and devices aren’t new tools to help them get things done: they’re common aspects of everyday life. 

Here’s how to approach UX/UI designs that are mindful of GenZ.


Fast and mobile-optimized

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z wasn’t raised in an age of dial-up where slow speeds were once tolerable because they were, at the time, cutting edge. Instead, high-speed wireless internet and mobile devices were the normal ways to access information online.

As such, Gen Z doesn’t waste time worrying about the distinction between “desktop” and “mobile” — they just want it to work. UI/UX for applications and websites must take these considerations in mind and strive for the fast, mobile-optimized experiences Gen Z has come to expect as table stakes.


Explorative design

The digital natives of Gen Z already know how to navigate tech platforms with ease and sophistication. There’s no need to hold their hand through lengthy tutorials, help pages, or other basic introductions to how a website or application works. They already get it. 

Intuitive UI/UX design for Gen Z should be built with discoverability and explorability in mind. Gen Z is happy to poke around apps and websites to discover which functions and features are living where, and don’t need the entire experience spelled out for them. 


Be shareable and scalable

Gen Z knows how to stay connected through different types of content across a variety of platforms. Whether it’s via an emoji in a text or a video posted to Snapchat, Gen Z users are eager to highlight new purchases, unique experiences, and high-quality content. 

Apps and websites should be designed to capture Gen Z’s attention and make it easy to share experiences with others. Even if an app isn’t inherently “social,” UI/UX designers should incorporate features that allow Gen Z users to share information and stay connected to their peers.

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