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Testing as a Service

Getting your software ready for market means taking the time to make sure it works properly.

This statement might sound obvious, but it’s serious business: Reports have shown IT departments can spend up to 35 percent of an organization’s IT budget on quality assurance and testing alone. Through DevOps and agile development, being able to find and squash bugs as quickly as possible is becoming essential in order to stay on pace toward delivering the next sprint.

But when following DevOps best practices, things can change very quickly — and the role of QA and product testing becomes more important than ever before.

When an organization chooses not to perform thorough product testing, they’re putting their product at risk and potentially losing customers and income down the line. If a company creates a poor user experience, users may simply elect not to experience a product altogether. And by cutting corners by carrying out less testing, organizations can also put themselves at risk by missing critical security vulnerabilities that can potentially leave their data — and their customers' data — within a talented hacker’s reach.

One of the best ways to take care of your ongoing QA work is through Testing as a Service (TaaS). By handing off the testing work to a trusted technology service provider like Opinov8, organizations can save valuable time and money. Allowing a dedicated team of experts to take care of the heavy lifting frees up your developers so they can continue writing their code. Embracing TaaS puts your product in front of fresh sets of eyes and cutting-edge automated applications, ensuring no stone is left unturned throughout the QA process.

Opinov8 follows best DevOps practices to deliver applications quickly and reduce the risks of defective deployments. Through automated and manual testing environments, organizations can test out any feature, product or platform. As part of a DevOps structure, your organization will have a full view of the testing process, ensuring they understand what is being checked for quality, as well as how and why.

Taking advantage of Testing as a Service means putting quality control into the hands of professionals who know how to run, check and execute any software functions with the assistance of automated tools that speed up the entire process. The result is a product that’s run through a faster and more thorough QA process. This can help complete your product development cycle in less time than ever before.

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