Onsite contract vs. remote team: which is right for you?

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Until recently, if your company needed to hire an outside contractor for a project, that contractor would likely work onsite. The digital revolution, however, has changed that, thanks to the fact that communication and sharing documents is now simple. Today, it is just as common to hire teams who are offsite — and sometimes even overseas — for a project. When it comes to your own business’ project delivery method, keep the following considerations in mind when deciding between an onsite or offshore contractor.



Reduced cost is a big advantage of hiring an offshore team. Your company can lower expenses, such as for real estate, supplies, equipment and utilities with an offshore contractor. With an onsite team, you’ll need to find extra space in the office for the new team members and potentially cover expenses related to equipment and supplies. Not only that but if you opt for an offshore project delivery method then you may be able to take advantage of overseas talent at a cost that is lower than what is available to you locally.



Both onsite and offshore project delivery models have their respective advantages and disadvantages when it comes to communication. With an onsite team, you benefit from face-to-face communication, which makes scheduling last-minute meetings and communicating about minor issues much easier. You may also find that face-to-face communication gives you more control over the direction of the project. However, offshore communication is more seamless today thanks to technology. Scheduling online meetings and sending important documents is usually straightforward, especially if you have a contractor that prioritizes communication and transparency.



For many businesses, the most important consideration when hiring a contractor is finding the very best one. Whether the best contractor for your project is an onsite or offshore one is impossible to guarantee. It’s possible that a contractor that is able to send its team to your premises will also be the one best able to deliver the very best expertise. However, when your business is open to the possibility of an offshore project team, you have significantly more options to choose from. When you’re willing to look nationally or even globally for a contractor, then you can be more selective about who you hire — and potentially have an easier time finding a contractor that is the very best in the business.

Significant benefits exist for both onsite and offshore project delivery methods. The ultimate decision of which one is best for you will depend on your project’s goals, timeline and budget.

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