How data privacy developments will change DevSecOps in 2019?

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The combination of new technology, a shift in hacking targets and legislation will likely lead DevSecOps to further emphasize data privacy in 2019. The attitude shift will stem from both necessity and a general change in vulnerability awareness. Larger businesses and major device platforms have shifted toward bolstering security over the last few years. This likely will drive DevSecOps to "catch up" platforms and organizations that have been left behind.

The "security through obscurity" mindset is no longer relevant. In order to keep up with the need for better data privacy, DevSecOps will further emphasize automation and push the notion that everyone in an organization is responsible for security.


Using technology to test technology

The many high-profile breaches over the last few years are leading businesses to stress data privacy through security more than ever. Businesses will take a proactive approach to protect data by improving security testing. Organizations are poised to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in 2019 to test for vulnerabilities far faster than what's possible through human testing alone.

The general shift toward rapid development in software necessitates embracing automatic testing integration. Additionally, more development teams will implement Interactive Application Security Testing to streamline and improve testing.


Changing targets

Data privacy emphasis will lead smaller businesses and platforms to invest more in DevSecOps. As larger businesses observed the financial damage and embarrassment other companies endured in major security breaches, they buckled down and enhanced security to avoid finding their company name in the headlines too. Because larger businesses are no longer easy targets, hackers are shifting their attention to smaller businesses and platforms, which are more appealing now. Smaller businesses and platforms can no longer hide behind larger entities.

The proliferation of IoT devices means they will become an even bigger target for hackers. To make matters worse, IoT security is known to be very weak compared with that of other devices. Additionally, mobile users will also find themselves in the targeting scope as mobile use eclipses desktop use.


Complying with legislation

In 2019, legislation will push a greater emphasis on data privacy in DevSecOps through compliance and anticipation. Major legislation in 2018 propelled data privacy to the legal forefront, but the legal effects will spill over into the following years. Because the web is a worldwide market, the laws in the EU's General Data Protection Regulation and the UK's Data Protection Act will force international businesses to get serious about protecting personal and sensitive information. While the law doesn't apply to U.S. companies, it is reasonable to anticipate businesses will opt in to comply with the laws anyway in anticipation of future legislation.

If your business isn't already taking DevSecOps seriously, there's no better time to start than the present. If your business is already deeply invested in security, staying in that mindset involves keeping up with all the latest trends and closing vulnerabilities before hackers find them.

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