8 ways business technology will evolve in 2020


The pace of change in technology is growing. Companies have countless options to improve their technology infrastructure. Consumers take less time than ever to adopt new technologies as well. It’s difficult to identify the best solutions for your company.

Opinov8 puts a finger to the pulse of these changes. We keep our partners abreast of the latest developments. Innovation drives our mindset and services. This enables us to help partners adapt to these changes.


The 8 biggest technology trends to look for this year

Our experts have identified 8 key technology trends for the year. Consider how these developments will affect your company. Then, connect with us to learn how we can improve your technology infrastructure.


1. Headless eCommerce

Consumers and B2B customers have heightened eCommerce expectations. They expect the best experiences on all eCommerce websites. Companies need specialized services to keep ahead of the curve.

Headless commerce is a trend worth noting. It allows developers to deliver any type of eCommerce solution. They use application program interfaces (API) to deliver to any type of device as well. It “adds another layer of data for analysis,” says Forbes. These features allow for proactive improvements to customer experiences.


2. Marketing automation

Marketing automation is critical to modern business. It drives great omnichannel experiences. It transforms the entire customer journey as well. Expect more sophisticated solutions in 2020.

Still, marketing automation is a challenge for most companies. It can alienate customers when done incorrectly. Opinov8 works with partners to lower marketing costs through automation of business processes. We improve customer engagement processes as well.


3. Custom software engineering

Companies need rapid responses to changing customer expectations. Custom software engineering solutions help with this process. Agile methodologies are a popular approach.

But these best practices are changing. Developers must move beyond Agile for more complex software development. Opinov8 has embraced other methods to improve outcomes for our partners.


4. Growing security needs

Most companies lack critical security features. That’s why data breaches have become more common. Bad actors target companies of all sizes. Nobody is immune to the damage they can cause.

Companies need partners who administer rigorous controls and testing. Opinov8 provides effective code management. We support both manual and testing environments as well. Our proactive relationships help clients stay ahead of security concerns.


5. Data, analytics, and AI

Traditional analytics are no longer enough. Companies need automated business intelligence. But many companies lack the infrastructure to support this.

The right partnerships support unique and dynamic analytics models. They automate key processes as well. This allows employees to focus on adding value rather than processing information. Companies who master this in 2020 will have an immediate advantage over their competitors.


6. Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) adoption is spanning industries. These solutions create ecosystems between products and platforms. But adapting cloud platforms to accommodate these systems is complicated. This is especially true as companies try to accomplish more with IoT.

In 2020, companies will launch IoT on 5G networks. This will add new capabilities and make IoT investments more desirable. Companies need the right development resources to make them effective.


7. Blockchain

Blockchain uses a public ledger to manage transactions. It grew in popularity with the growth of cryptocurrencies. Companies across industries are finding more business applications as well.

Blockchain recently fell out of popularity, Gartner reports. But analysts predict it will become a core technology to future digital business functions. IT leaders must be prepared to use Blockchain to achieve competitive advantages.


8. Technology Partnerships

Companies need to think progressively about new technologies. With this in mind, they will turn more and more to skilled technology service providers.

At Opinov8, we engage with our clients at all stages of technology development. We take a collaborative approach to our client’s success. Let’s start a discussion about innovation solutions for your company. Connect with an Opinov8 expert today.

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